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The social way to buy and sell globally

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100% Free To Use

No finders fees, transaction cuts or membership dues. You are in full control of the transaction and make arrangements most convenient to you.

Instant Connection

Message or call trading partners directly. No more delays of unread messages, or the delays of ``text tag``.

No Price Tags

Encourages dialogue between the buyer and seller for a chance to negotiate in a friendlier and flexible forum.

Build Solid Trading Networks

Enables buyers and sellers to form a trusted network of reliable trading partners with peer reviews and favorite tagging.

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Full Autonomy

Get To What You Need Faster

Gone are the days of going through multiple categories and subcategories of items that don’t apply to you. Manage your favorited items to come back to them later, or keep a close eye on new offerings in that category. Coming Soon: favorite fellow trade partners, this not only gives a more sociable approach to trading, but allows users to connect with other traders with a similar taste in said category and stay updated with their future offers.

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    Join Our Growing Community

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    Trusted Trade Partners At A Glance

    GlobalSwapp allows browsing users at the profile level, enabling users to see current request and offer postings and reviews of a specific seller. This provides a reliable source for users to determine the credibility of prospective sellers and buyers. It also presents users with the opportunity to obtain an established trade reputation within the peer reviewed ecosystem.

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    Find what you need Fast

    • Simple sign up - start buying or selling in minutes
    • Intuitive listing filtering - buy locally or globally the choice is yours
    • Optimized for speed - no annoying lag or slowdown while browsing
    • Google maps integration - See where the offer or request is to optimize logistics
    • One tap call or chat - no filling out forms and waiting for a response

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to list on GlobalSwapp?

    Nothing, zero, zilch, nada. GlobalSwapp does not collect any per transaction or membership fees.

    Do I need a credit card to pay for things I buy on GlobalSwapp?

    No. In fact, money is not a requirement to complete the transaction! Many of our trades are barters, e.g. item for item, or service for service.

    How do I pay/get paid for items I buy/sell on GlobalSwapp?

    You decide! Part of your interactions with buyers and sellers will be deciding how value is transferred.

    Who pays for shipping?

    Unlike traditional e-commerce sites with fixed shipping rates and preferred carriers, GlobalSwapp leaves it up to the buyer and seller to negotiate all facets of the transaction, including shipping and handling.

    How does GlobalSwapp use my personal information?

    GlobalSwapp’s machine learning AI uses your activity and location to match you to buyers or sellers that match your interests. We never share or sell your information to 3rd parties.

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    AppstoreGoogleplay * Requires iOS 7.0 or higher
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